illuminati Satanism


Know The Real Meaning And Power Of Satanism With Us!

The world knows that Satanic rituals are real, binding, and permanent.

Satanism is nothing but a group of ideological as well as philosophical beliefs based on Satan.

Many people feel confused about the origin of Satan and so hesitate to Join Satanism in South Africa. Here are some facts we all should know about it;

Origin of Satan

  • Satanism is not about “evil.”
  • Satanism is not a Christian invention
  • Satanism predates Christianity and all other religions
  • Satanism is not about spooks, vampires, goblins, Halloween monsters or any other related entities
  • It is not an invention of Christanity, or a “reaction” to it.
  • It is not a creation of Anton LaVey
  • It is not at all about death

Do you know what is True Satanism is all about?

It is about Enhancing, uplifting, and empowering humanity for reaching equality concerning our True Creators’ intention, i.e., God’s purpose behind creating human beings.

Dr. MEDI is one of the renowned Illuminati agents that helps people in healing their inner self. He is a traditional healer with strong Illuminati powers.

When it comes to Illuminati Satanism in South Africa, we aim to free minds of South Africans from the misbeliefs or chains they’ve been meant to. We have already helped a substantial ratio of people about understanding what is holding the human civilization back.

Let’s create something better for the future of the human race!

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